Flexible Roof Flashing for Concentric Flue System

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Product Information

Compatible with UDSB015-4E, UDSB020-4E, UDSB055-4E, UDSB064-4E, UDSA011-4E, UDSA015-4E, UDSA020-4E, UDSA055-4E, UDSA064-4E, UDSA073-4E, UDSA085-4E, UDSA100-4E, UDSA120-4E, UDSA145-4E45-ULSA025, 45-ULSA035, 45-ULSA050, 45-ULSA025-EC, 45-ULSA035-EC, 45-ULSA050-EC

Other Information



Flue Diameter

Ø80mm Flue

Flue Discharge


Flue Option

Balanced, Non-Balanced

Model Number

45-ULSA025-2, 45-ULSA025-EC-2, 45-ULSA025P-2, 45-ULSA025P-EC-2, 45-ULSA035-2, 45-ULSA035-EC-2, 45-ULSA035P-2, 45-ULSA035P-EC-2, 45-ULSA050-2, 45-ULSA050-EC-2, 45-ULSA050P-2, 45-ULSA050P-EC-2, UDSA011-4E, UDSA011P-4E, UDSA015-4E, UDSA015P-4E, UDSA020-4E, UDSA020P-4E, UDSB015-4E, UDSB015P-4E, UDSB020-4E, UDSB020P-4E, VS15DLEN16, VS15DLEP16, VS15LIEN8, VS15LIEP8, VS15UTEN, VS15UTEP, VS20DLEN21, VS20DLEP21, VS20LIEN10-5, VS20LIEP10-5, VS20UTEN, VS20UTEP, VS25DLEN16, VS25DLEN21, VS25DLEP16, VS25DLEP21, VS25LIEN10-5, VS25LIEN8, VS25LIEP10-5, VS25LIEP8, VS25UTEN, VS25UTEP, VS30DLEN21, VS30DLEN27, VS30DLEP21, VS30DLEP27, VS30LIEN10-5, VS30LIEN13-5, VS30LIEP10-5, VS30LIEP13-5, VS30UTEN, VS30UTEP, VS35DLEN21, VS35DLEN27, VS35DLEP21, VS35DLEP27, VS35LIEN10-5, VS35LIEN13-5, VS35LIEP10-5, VS35LIEP13-5, VS35UTEN, VS35UTEP, VS40DLEN27, VS40DLEN32, VS40DLEP27, VS40DLEP32, VS40LIEN13-5, VS40LIEN16, VS40LIEP13-5, VS40LIEP16, VS40UTEN, VS40UTEP, VS45DLEN27, VS45DLEN32, VS45DLEP27, VS45DLEP32, VS45LIEN13-5, VS45LIEN16, VS45LIEP13-5, VS45LIEP16, VS45UTEN, VS45UTEP, VS50DLEN27, VS50DLEN32, VS50DLEP27, VS50DLEP32, VS50LIEN13-5, VS50LIEN16, VS50LIEP13-5, VS50LIEP16, VS50UTEN, VS50UTEP, VSX20UTEN2M, VSX25UTEN2M, VSX30UTEN2M, VSX30UTEN3M, VSX35UTEN3M, VSX40UTEN3M, VSX45UTEN3M, VSX45UTEN4M, VSX50UTEN4M

Product Type

Flue & Pipe

Range / Series

UDSA-4E Warm Air Unit Heaters (2018 – Current), UDSB Centrifugal Fan Unit Heaters, ULSA Condensing Axial Fan Unit Heaters, VS DLE Double Linear Radiant Heaters, VS LIE Linear Radiant Heaters, VS UTE Radiant U Tube Heaters, VSX High Efficiency Radiant U Tube Heaters

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