Guardian Recessed Cased Air Curtain Electric Heated 1.5m with control panel

SKU: GR1500E


Guardian range air curtains are designed to complement the style of any commercial, or retail premise. With a host of optional lighting and building safety features, this unit can be customised to suit your needs. (see all additional options below)

This electric heated model includes a SmartElec energy saving controller.

This product has a 7 Day manufacturer's lead time.

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Product Information

Guardian air curtains are fitted with a Honeycomb outlet, as opposed to a conventional outlet grille. The Honeycomb outlet provides superior performance by ensuring a uniform distribution of air, across the whole width of the outlet.

Electric heated versions require a three phase (415v) electrical supply, whilst all other versions need a single phase (230v) supply.

Key Features:

  • – Smartelec energy saving controller fitted to all electric heat versions
  • – Reduces heat loss around open doors by up to 80%
  • – Suitable for mounting heights of three or four metres depending upon application
  • – Good aesthetic appearance
  • – Easily serviced
  • – Standard or high capacity performance from single model
  • – CE approved
  • – Cost-effective heating solution
  • – Units can be placed side by side to resemble a continuous unit
  • – If additional options listed below are required please contact customer services on 01384 489700


Technical specification:

Product dimensions:

Suitable to use in many applications including retail shops, bars, hotels, offices and restaurants. If you require a different colour option or a heating system design please contact customer services on 01384 489700.

Full product brochure available here

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