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Compatible with udsa-4E 011


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1511, 1515, 1520, PV100, PV125, PV150, PV175, PV200, PV225, PV250, PV300, PV400, Reflex 1025, Reflex 1030, Reflex 1035, Reflex 1045, Reflex 1055, Reflex 1075, Reflex 1095, RPV100, RPV125, RPV150, RPV175, RPV200, RPV2026, RPV2031, RPV2036, RPV2046, RPV2056, RPV2076, RPV2096, RPV225, RPV250, RPV300, RPV400, T200-T225, T2026, T2031, T2036, T2046, T2056, T2076, T2096, T250-T300, T350-T400, T75-T175, TA200-TA225, TA250-TA300, TA350-TA400, TA75-TA175, TB/E200-TB/E225, TB/E250-TB/E300, TB/E350-TB/E400, TB/E75-TB/E175, UA50, UA75, UB50, UB75, UC50, UC75, UCA25, UCA30, UCA35, UCA45, UCA55, UCA75, UCA95, UCB25, UCB30, UCB35, UCB45, UCB55, UCB75, UCB95, UCE25, UCE30, UCE35, UCE45, UCE55, UCE75, UCE95, UDSA100, UDSA11, UDSA15, UDSA20, UDSA25, UDSA30, UDSA35, UDSA43, UDSA50, UDSA55, UDSA64, UDSA73, UDSA8, UDSA85, UDSB-D15, UDSB-D20, UDSB-D25, UDSB-D30, UDSB-D35, UDSB-D43, UDSB-D50, UDSB-D55, UDSB-D64, UPA30, UPA40, UPA50, UPA60, UPA70, UPA90, X1025, X1030, X1035, X1045, X1055, X1075, X1095, X9025, X9030, X9045, X9055, X9075, X9095, XA100, XA125, XA150, XA175, XA225, XA300, XA400, XB100, XB125, XB150, XB175, XB225, XB300, XB400, XD100, XD125, XD150, XD175, XD225, XD300, XD400, XE100, XE125, XE150, XE175, XE225, XE300, XE400

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Other Heater Components

Range / Series

ML Range Warm Air Heaters (1993 – 2003), PV-RPV 100-400 Range Warm Air Heaters (1982 – 1996), REFLEX Range Warm Air Heaters (1996 – 2005), Reznor UA-B-C Range Warm Air Heaters (1982 – 1993), RPV 2000 Range Warm Air Heaters (1981 – 2017), RPV 2000 Range Warm Air Heaters (2010 – 2016), T Range Warm Air Heaters (1993 – 2003), T2000 Range Warm Air Heaters (1998 – 2017), UC Range Warm Air Heaters – UCA- UCB & UCE (2003 – 2010), UDSA-1 Warm Air Unit Heaters (2003 – 2007), UDSB (Series 1) Warm Air Unit Heaters (2003 – 2007), UPA Warm Air Unit Heaters (2003 – 2009), X1000 Range Warm Air Heaters (1993 – 2010), X9000 Warm Air Unit Heaters (1992 – 2005), XA-XB-XD-XE Range Warm Air Heaters (1981 – 1995)

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