Painted Flue Stackbox Assembly

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Painted Flue Stackbox Assembly (Includes Pressure Relief Gasket)

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Product Information

Compatible with VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO235, VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO300, VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO235 (800), VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO275 (1000), VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO300

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Model Number

HD235 (800), HD275 (1000), HD300, HN235 (800), HN275 (1000), HN300, RD235 (800), RD275 (1000), RD300, RN235 (800), RN275 (1000), RN300, VD235 (800), VD275 (1000), VD300, VDGE235, VDGE300, VDOE235, VDOE300, VN235 (800), VN275 (1000), VN300, VNGE235, VNGE300, VNOE235, VNOE300

Product Type

Flue & Pipe

Range / Series

VN/VD/HN/HD/RN/RD Cabinet Heaters (2001 – 2018), VNGE/VDGE/VNOE/VDOE Cabinet Heaters (2018 Only)

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