Motor 5.5kW 3ph 415V 50Hz

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Motor 5.5kW 3ph 415V 50Hz

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Product Information

Compatible with VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO300, VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO275 (1000), VNG/VDG/VNO/VDO300

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Model Number

HD275 (1000), HD300, HN275 (1000), HN300, RD275 (1000), RD300, RN275 (1000), RN300, VD275 (1000), VD300, VDGE300, VDOE300, VN275 (1000), VN300, VNGE300, VNOE300

Product Type

Fans & Motors Centrifugal

Range / Series

VN/VD/HN/HD/RN/RD Cabinet Heaters (2001 – 2018), VNGE/VDGE/VNOE/VDOE Cabinet Heaters (2018 Only)

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