Connector For 2 X Rj45 Cables



Connector for 2 x RJ45 Cables

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Compatible with AC1000SA, AC1500SA, AC2000SA, AC1000SE6-1ph, AC1500SE61ph, AC2000SE91ph, AC1000SE9, AC1500SE12, AC2000SE12, AC2000SE18, AC1000HE12, AC1500HE18, AC2000HE24, AC1000SW9, AC1500SW12, AC2000SW18, AC1000HW12, AC1500HW18, AC2000HW24, ACR1000SA, ACR1500SA, ACR2000SA, ACR1200HA, ACR1800HA, ACR1000SE61ph, ACR1500SE61ph, ACR2000SE91ph, ACR1000SE9, ACR1500SE12, ACR2000SE12, ACR2000SE18, ACR1200HE12, ACR1800HE18, ACR2000HE18, ACR1000SW9, ACR1500SW12, ACR2000SW18, ACR1200HW12, ACR1800HW18, GB1000A, GB1000E, GB1000W, GB1500A, GB1500E, GB1500W, GB2000A, GB2000E, GB2000W, GR1000A, GR1000E, GR1000W, GR1500A, GR1500E, GR1500W, GR2000A, GR2000E, GR2000W, GS1000A, GS1000E, GS1500W, GS2000A, GS2000E, GS2000W

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AC1000HE12, AC1000HW12, AC1000SA, AC1000SE6-1ph, AC1000SE9, AC1000SW9, AC1500HE18, AC1500HW18, AC1500SA, AC1500SE12, AC1500SE61ph, AC1500SW12, AC2000HE24, AC2000HW24, AC2000SA, AC2000SE12, AC2000SE18, AC2000SE91ph, AC2000SW18, ACR1000SA, ACR1000SE61ph, ACR1000SE9, ACR1000SW9, ACR100SA, ACR100SE61ph, ACR100SE9, ACR100SW9, ACR1200HA, ACR1200HE12, ACR1200HW12, ACR120HA, ACR120HE12, ACR120HW12, ACR1500SA, ACR1500SE12, ACR1500SE61ph, ACR1500SW12, ACR150SA, ACR150SE12, ACR150SE61ph, ACR150SW12, ACR1800HA, ACR1800HE18, ACR1800HW18, ACR180HA, ACR180HE18, ACR180HW18, ACR2000HE18, ACR2000SA, ACR2000SE12, ACR2000SE18, ACR2000SE91ph, ACR2000SW18, ACR200HE18, ACR200SA, ACR200SE12, ACR200SE18, ACR200SE91ph, ACR200SW18

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AC Air Curtains (2004 – 2018), AC-2 Air Curtains (2018 – Current), ACR Air Curtains (2001 – 2018), ACR-2 Air Curtains (2018 – Current)

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