Axial Fan Motor 125-400



Axial fan motor 125-400 (01 25626 02) after 1999

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Compatible with T2031, T2036, T2046, T2056, T2076, T2096

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Model Number

Reflex 1030, Reflex 1035, Reflex 1045, Reflex 1055, Reflex 1075, Reflex 1095, T2031, T2036, T2046, T2056, T2076, T2096, UCA30, UCA35, UCA45, UCA55, UCA75, UCA95, UCB30, UCB35, UCB45, UCB55, UCB75, UCB95, UCE30, UCE35, UCE45, UCE55, UCE75, UCE95, X1030, X1035, X1045, X1055, X1075, X1095, XA125, XA150, XA175, XA225, XA300, XA400, XB125, XB150, XB175, XB225, XB300, XB400, XD125, XD150, XD175, XD225, XD300, XD400, XE125, XE150, XE175, XE225, XE300, XE400

Product Type

Fans & Motors Axial/Main

Range / Series

REFLEX Range Warm Air Heaters (1996 – 2005), T2000 Range Warm Air Heaters (1998 – 2017), UC Range Warm Air Heaters – UCA- UCB & UCE (2003 – 2010), X1000 Range Warm Air Heaters (1993 – 2010), XA-XB-XD-XE Range Warm Air Heaters (1981 – 1995)

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