Empress HVAC – How to find your part

This video shows you how to find your heater part by selecting model type and number here at empresshvac.com

Step 1

Find the part you need with confidence by using our product filters at: EmpressHVAC.com

Empress HVAC – How to find your part

Empress HVAC – How to find your part

Step 2

Whether you are an onsite engineer or office staff, it’s the perfect way to instantly quote any breakdown or service job.

Step 3

You will need the following information from the heaters data badge to help you find the part you require. In this example shown let’s use the filters to find the correct flue fan.

  • Brand (is Reznor)
  • Type/range (is UDSA)
  • and most importantly the model number (is UDSA030-4E)

Empress HVAC – How to find your part
Empress HVAC – How to find your part

Step 4

It’s the perfect way to instantly find products and quote any service or breakdown job.

Step 5

You can browse by brand or unit type to find your part – whichever way you prefer it will give the same answer. In this instance, let’s go via the HVAC parts by brand route. Click the brand you require: Reznor.

Empress HVAC - How to find your part - Step 5
Empress HVAC – How to find your part

Step 6

Scroll down to the heater type / range – in this example we need UDSA. (You can also use the pop out menu to get here faster)

Step 7

Now we have all the parts that fit all types of UDSA’s. Narrow down the number of products to fit the particular heater you’re working on, by using the filters on the left-hand side.

You can select the filters in any order, they are:

  • Brand
  • Range
  • Model
  • Product type.

As you select different filters, you will see the products on the right-hand side refreshing. If you want to clear the filter selected simply click: reset all filters at the top.

Step 8

Mobile view is slightly different.

To navigate through the categories you need to click the hamburger style button. When you are on a product list page, you will need to click filter to enable you to refine the products.

Step 9

As we know the model number is UDSA030-4E. Click show more and all model numbers are listed A to Z.

Scroll down the long list and click the model number needed.

Step 10

You now have all the parts that fit your model of heater. You can scroll through the parts or select product type to refine the list even more. As we are looking for the flue fan I will narrow down by clicking that product type.

You now have the correct flue fan.

You can add to basket from here, or click the product for more details.

Step 11

Add to basket option is also here and simply checkout.

Still can’t find your part? Contact us here.